Strategic Air Command Museum

S/N 51-8024L in the Restoration shop

S/N 51-8024L sits in the Restoration shop. It was taken down to bare metal and a primer coat applied, and is ready for a complete paint job and detail package. The aircraft was built by Fairchild in Haggerstown, Maryland in 1951 and was delivered to the U.S. Air Force on January 5, 1953. It was flown to the Museum in March of 1970.


Full exterior restoration completed, the C-119 looks like it just rolled off of the assembly line. A total or 8,969 restoration hours were used to put dignity back into this Cold War veteran.


The museum’s C-47, S/N 43-48098, was manufactured by Douglas Aircraft, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma., and delivered to the U.S. Army Air Corps on July 14, 1944. The aircraft was dropped from the inventory and flown to the Strategic Air & Space Museum in October, 1969.

F105D S/N 61-0069 on the back ramp

F105D S/N 61-0069 sits on the back ramp at the museum upon its arrival from the San Bernardino Museum on January 22, 2000. This Vietnam combat veteran with 4,611.8 flying hours will be completely restored.


The aircraft, which shot down a North Vietnam Mig-17 with an AIM-9 missile
on June 3, 1967 now sits as a monument honoring all the men and women
who helped make the F-105 “Thud” a viable force in American aviation history.

B-1A “Lancer”

Our B-1A “Lancer”, S/N 76-0174, pictured at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. This B-1 was first flown in February 1979, and was used primarily as the avionics test bed for the B-1B Program. This aircraft is the fourth and last B-1A built.

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