Peterson Air and Space Museum

21st Space Wing/MU – 150 East Ent Avenue
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado 80914


The Avro CF-100 “Canuck” was the only Canadian designed and built jet fighter to enter operational service. From 1950 to 1958, 692 Canucks were built. At one time, CF-100s were flown by 13 Canadian front-line all-weather squadrons. They remained in service until 1981.


Lineage and repaint effort on this aircraft performed by the 144th Fighter Wing from the California Air National Guard, Fresno CA

EC-121 T

EC-121T SN 52-3425. This aircraft was flown to Peterson AFB in the fall of 1978 after flying Icelandic missions as late as May 1978. The interior of the aircraft was virtually intact from its last mission and interior restoration is nearly completed and is available for tours.

Nike Hercules

The Peterson Museum’s archives indicates the above display was obtained in October 1981 from El Paso County (Colorado), where it had stood on display in front of the El Paso County Courthouse. HQ ARADCOM had previously donated the missile to El Paso County in July of 1959. It was repainted in ~ Oct 85

P40E (Replica)
P- 47N, S/N 44-89425
After restoration & on display in the City Hangar.