Patriots Point Museum

40 Patriots Point Rd,
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Whether in Yorktown’s hangar bay or up on the flight deck, experience some of the most incredible war planes in the history of aviation. Catapults, arresting cables and tailhooks allow your imagination to soar with the image of a heart stopping launch and landing.

Visitors stand before actual WWII fighters and bombers that helped win the war in the Pacific. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the voices of the pilots, aircrew and deckhands working in an environment of constant danger.

A-4 Skyhawk

Delivered in 1956, the A-4 Skyhawk answered the Navy’s call for a an attack aircraft that could be carrier based in the maturing jet age. Designed with minimal size and weight in mind, the A-4 was so compact and storage friendly there was no need for folding wings. It would service in service until final retirement in 1975.

A6 Intruder

Developed as a carrier based attack aircraft, Intruder gave the Navy and Marines a high degree of bombing accuracy at night and in poor weather. The A-6 served in Vietnam, engagements in Lebanon and Libya in the 1980’s and the 1991 Gulf War. Placed into service in the early 1960’s, the A-6 Intruder was retired in 1997.

A-7 Corsair

The A-7 Corsair was a carrier based light attack aircraft designed to take the place of the A-4 Skyhawk. If the Corsair looked like a shorter version of the F-8 Crusader its because the Navy based its design request on Crusader’s successful supersonic track record. The A-7 was given its popular name by manufacturer Chance Vought in honor of the legendary WWII F4U Corsair.

Douglas Skyraider

The Douglas Skyraider was the heavy duty torpedo/dive bomber the WWII Navy was looking for in the mid 1940s. But the war ending victory over the Japanese came before Skyraider was able to see action

AH-1 Cobra

The presence of an incoming AH-1 Cobra helicopter is a truly inspiring or deathly frightening sight, depending on your friend or foe perspective. Developed in the mid-60s, modified Cobras continue to be flown by the United States Marines, its narrow footprint ideal for shipboard use.

B-25 Mitchell Bomber

With its suspended, “in flight” appearance in YORKTOWN’s hangar bay, the B-25 Mitchell Bomber was a Pacific and European workhorse for Allied forces.

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