Hill Aerospace Museum

Hill Aerospace Museum – 75th ABW/MU
7961 Wardleigh Road, Hill AFB, Utah 84056

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Bell HH-1H “Iroquois”
S/N 70-02470

This HH-1H, S/N 70-02470, was manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron in Fort Worth, Texas, and delivered to the 1550th Aircrew Training and Test Wing at Hill AFB on 23 March 1973. In July 1974 it was reassigned to Detachment 4 of the 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.


This B-52G-100-BW (S/N 58-0191), nicknamed “Bearin’ Arms,” was manufactured by Boeing Aircraft Corporation in Wichita, Kansas, and delivered to the USAF on 16 October 1959. It was immediately assigned to the 72nd Bombardment Wing (Heavy) at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. In May 1962 the aircraft returned to the Boeing factory in Kansas for wing modification and strengthening to counteract the fatigue cracks occurring in the B-52 fleet


Hill AFB had a close association with the BOMARC missile over the years. The Ogden Air Materiel Area became the prime maintenance and supply depot for the missile’s Aerojet General booster rockets in August 1954 and its Marquardt ramjet engines in April 1956. In June 1957 OOAMA became the system manager for several interceptor and strategic cruise missile programs, including the IM-99 BOMARC. Overhaul of the missile and its boosters and engines got underway in 1958. In July 1959 jurisdiction of the Air Force Plant Representative Office at the Boeing Airplane Company in Seattle, Washington, was transferred to the Ogden AMA

Douglas Skyraider

The Douglas Skyraider was the heavy duty torpedo/dive bomber the WWII Navy was looking for in the mid 1940s. But the war ending victory over the Japanese came before Skyraider was able to see action

O-2A, S/N 68-10853

This O-2A, S/N 68-10853, was manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Corporation in Wichita, Kansas, and delivered to the USAF in April 1969. The aircraft was immediately deployed to the 504th Tactical Air Support Group at Nha Trang AB, Vietnam, and later that October the O-2A was deployed to Cam Ranh Bay AB. In August 1971 the aircraft was stationed at Phan Raang AB with the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron and in December was moved to Da Nang AB. The 366th Tactical Fighter Wing at Da Nang AB took possession of the O-2A in March 1972, but by June of that year the aircraft was moved to the 6498th Air Base Support Wing at Da Nang..

De Havilland C-7B Caribou

Developed by De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd., in cooperation with the Canadian Department of Defense, the DHC-4 Caribou prototype first flew on 30 July 1958. This twin-engined tactical transport combined a spacious box-like fuselage with a high, inverted gull wing and a large upswept tail. It was designed for performing airlift missions to forward battle zones where short, unimproved airfields required the capability to takeoff and land in very short distances. The Caribou could carry either twenty-six fully equipped paratroops, thirty-two fully equipped ground troops, twenty-two wounded on stretchers, or up to 8,740 pounds of cargo, including vehicles