Golden Age Air Museum

Grimes Airfield, 371 Airport Road,
Bethel, PA 19507

At the foot of the Blue Mountain ridge – in scenic Berks County Pennsylvania, the hands of time have been turned back to the days of Barnstormers. The Golden Age Air Museum is a living museum dedicated to preserving aviation’s golden past.

While you visit the museum, join the Barnstormers and take a ride in an authentic, open cockpit, 1931 “Bird” biplane.

The Golden Age Air Museum was established in 1997, its mission is to entertain visitors and educate them about the early days of aviation, through its special events and daily operations. The museum offers the chance to explore the past, come and learn how the early aviators flew, what they flew and learn the lost art of early aircraft construction. Museum displays include full size operational aircraft and automobiles, as well as displays of artifacts from the Golden Age. Craftsmen are continually working on restoring new additions for the collection, this work is done in view of visitors. Talk with the restoration volunteers and learn techniques and practices of early aircraft builders.

The museum also features displays of automobiles and aircraft from man’s first desire to fly up through the 1940’s.

1927 Ford Model TT “Henry”
1930 Ford Model A
1917 Rumpler C.V.
The Rumpler C.V. was the fifth derivative of the famous World War I German two seaters. Used for recognizance and light bombing.
1926 Winstead Special
1932 Taylor E-2 Cub

Help the museum grow and continue to represent the past, come visit the museum, become a member and join us for a step back in time.

Grimes Airfield, 371 Airport Road,
Bethel, PA 19507

Telephone: (717) 933-9566