Bob Hope's C-17
April 22, 1997 Long Beach, California

VIPS Included:

Dr. Sheila E. Widnall, Secretary of the Air Force

General Walter Kross, Commander in Chief,
United States Transportation Command & Commander Air Mobility Command,
Scott Air Force Base, IL.

From McDonnell Douglas...

Harry C. Stonecipher, President & CEO

Don Kozlowski
Senior Vice President: C-17 Program Manager

Dr. E. David Spong
Vice President-General Manager C-17 Program

William J. Gendron
Vice President-General Manager, Operations C-17 Program

And Bob Hope!


LONG BEACH, California, April 22, 1997 -- Comedian, Bob Hope, whose extraordinary career stretches from the days of vaudeville through 60 years of radio, motion pictures and television fame, appeared today before a crowd of more than 8,000 employees at the McDonnell Douglas (NYSE:MD) facility here for the unveiling of a new C-17 Globemaster 3, bearing the name, "The Spirit of Bob Hope."

The 93 year-old comedian is the first individual to have one of the versatile airlifters named for him. Hope, accompanied by his wife, Dolores, received the honor from the U.S. Air Force, in gratitude for the many occasions he has traveled the world to entertain American troops.

"We're here today to extend a symbol of thanks to a man who has brought cheer and moral support to men and women of the service for well over 50 years," said Secretary of the Air force, Dr. Sheila Widnall, who added that the comedian began his humanitarian tours even before the Air Force, now celebrating its 50th anniversary, came into being.

In naming the C-17 for Hope, Widnall said, "We thought we'd give you, in a sense, an airplane; an airplane, which, like you, will go visit troops in some of the least enviable locations on the planet. After all, the folks crawling through mud and jungles don't really expect to see this plane any more than they expected to see you; but the plane, like you, will show up. And this airplane will, like you, carry the spirit of American patriotism and freedom to the furthest reaches of the world."

McDonnell Douglas President and Chief Executive Officer, Harry Stonescipher, seconded Secretary Widnall's remarks, adding, "What could be better than to name a great airlifter after a great entertainer who, (going back to World War 2 and the Berlin Airlift), has traveled far and wide in bringing the gift of laughter to millions of U.S. GIs around the world?"

The airplane named, "The Spirit of Bob Hope," is the 31st production C-17 Globemaster 3 to roll off the assembly line in Long Beach. The Air Force has ordered 120 of the new-generation airlifters that are able to land in fewer than 3,000 feet, operate on runways and taxiways as narrow as 90 feet, and can carry payloads up to 170,400 pounds, with only a three-person crew. Since joining the operational fleet, the C-17 has performed humanitarian missions in Bosnia, Somalia, Rwanda, and the Caribbean.

Bob Hope's C-17

Dr. Sheila E. Widnall,
Secretary of the Air Force

Bob Hope at 93.

General Walter Kross, Commander in Chief,
United States Transportation Command & Commander Air Mobility Command,
Scott Air Force Base, IL.



USAF.com thanks our firends
who invited us to this special "Hope" event!

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